Hybrid -Virtual Format

For those national and international participants who are not able to travel to Florida for the Fall and Winter Modules, “Virtual Learning” is being offered during those seasons. Residency participation in the Summer Modules is required in order to complete this 2 year Certificate program.

Limited financial assistance is available for international applicants. This “Virtual Learning” also requires that there be a small group gathering with other seminary formators at your local seminary or in a designated regional location. This small group gathering will assure that the major benefits of the informal curriculum are enjoyed. The informal curriculum includes:

Daily Liturgy, time set aside for Liturgy of the Hours and Private Prayer, Meals and Evening Socials. It is our experience that this informal curriculum is a major factor in promoting the integration of the content being presented in the module.

For those desiring to participate virtually please contact:

Sr. Mary Roberta Connors, F.S.E.
561-732-4424, ext.173