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Module 1: Embracing the Call to Seminary Formation: Responding to the Holy Spirit (Retreat #1)


Module 2: The Art of Accompaniment in Formation


Module 3: Christian Psychology and Integration


Module 4: The Seminary as a School of Virtue (PPF, 260)


Module 5: The Church as Field Hospital: Receiving and Administering Mercy (Retreat #2)


Module 6: The Seminary as Culture of Encounter: Forming “Men of Communion” (PPF, 80)


Module 7: Formation Towards a Life of Discernment: Personal, Ecclesial, Pastoral


Module 8: Evangelization and Seminary Formation


Practicum Mentors

Dr. Carol Razza, Ed.D., Faculty, St. Vincent de Paul Seminary, FL.
Mrs. Jane Guenther, M.Div., Director, Office of Catholic Renewal, Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO
Fr. John Horn, S.J., D. Min., Faculty, St. Vincent de Paul Seminary, FL.
Fr. John Floeder, M.Div., Dean of Seminarians, St. Paul Seminary, MN
Fr. Jason Kern, M.Div., Vice Rector and Vocation Director, IHM Seminary, MN
Fr. Christopher Murphy, Rector, Our Lady of Providence Seminary, RI