Module 1

Retreat #1:  Embracing the Call to Seminary Formation: Responding to the Holy Spirit

From the New Ratio Fundamentalis:

“The principal agent of priestly formation is the Most Holy Trinity, who shapes every seminarian according to the plan of the Father, both through the presence of Christ in His word, in the sacraments and in the brothers and sisters of the community, and through the many actions of the Holy Spirit” (#125).

“Formators are needed who can ensure their full-time presence and who, above all else, are witnesses of how to love and serve the people of God, giving themselves without reserve for the Church” (#49; see also #132).

“While carrying out that mission, the formator has an opportunity for growth, and can discover the specific charism of vocational accompaniment and of priestly life as a call that belongs to him personally” (#152).

“Spiritual formation is directed at nourishing and sustaining communion with God and with our brothers and sisters, in the friendship of Jesus the Good Shepherd, and with an attitude of docility to the Holy Spirit. This intimate relationship forms the heart of the seminarian in that generous and sacrificial love that marks the beginning of pastoral charity” (#101).

“The seminarian is called to ‘go out of himself’, to make his way, in Christ, towards the Father and towards others, embracing the call to priesthood, dedicating himself to work with the Holy Spirit, to achieve a serene and creative interior synthesis between strength and weakness” (#29).


  • Fr. Brett Brannen M. Div., M.A., Pontifical College Josephinum, OH
  • Fr. Timothy McKeown, STL., Pastor, Diocese of Savannah. GA

Main Points:

  • The Holy Spirit as primary formator
  • The seminary formator as guardian of reality
  • Cultivating spiritual fatherhood

Dates:  June 19 – 25, 2022 (Sunday night through Saturday morning)