Module 4

The Seminary as a School of Virtue (PPF, 260)

From the New Ratio Fundamentalis:

“Priestly formation is a journey of transformation that renews the heart and mind of the person … In this way he will be able to choose, decide and act according to the will of God … This means working humbly and ceaselessly on oneself – something that goes beyond mere introspection – so that the priest opens himself honestly to the truths of life and to the real demands of ministry” (#43).

“For priestly formation the importance of human formation cannot be sufficiently emphasized. Indeed, the holiness of a priest is built upon it and depends, in large part, upon the authenticity and maturity of his humanity” (#63).

“Over time, it is important to cultivate some specific virtues in those called to priesthood and pastoral ministry” (#115).

“Gradual configuration to Christ becomes an experience which causes the sentiments and attitudes of the Son of God to arise in the life of the disciple” (#69).

“The evangelical counsel of chastity develops the maturity of the person, making him able to live the reality of his own body and affectivity within the logic of gift” (#110).


  • Msgr. Daniel Trapp, S.T.D., Director of Spiritual Formation, Sacred Heart Seminary, MI
  • Dr. Carol Razza, Ed.D., Faculty, St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, FL
  • Mrs. Jane Guenther, M.Div., Director, Office of Catholic Renewal, Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO

Main Points:

  • Understanding virtue development within the accompaniment paradigm
  • Evaluating virtue-based behaviors in formation
  • Developing markers for affective maturity


March 1 – March 5, 2023 (Wednesday afternoon through Sunday afternoon)