Module 6

The Seminary as Culture of Encounter: Forming “Men of Communion” (PPF, 80)

From the New Ratio Fundamentalis:

“The primacy of the working of the Holy Spirit calls for a reciprocal listening and cooperation between the members of the ecclesial community, priests, deacons, consecrated persons and laity” (#125).

“By growing in charity, the future priest must seek to develop a balanced and mature capacity to enter into relationship with his neighbor. Indeed, he is called above all to a basic human and spiritual serenity that … allows him to be a man of communion, of mission and of dialogue” (#41).

“The priest is called to be a ‘man of communion’. Consequently, the bonds that are created in the Seminary … must be marked by a sense of fatherhood and fraternity… Such an experience will help the seminarian in the future to understand better the demands, the dynamics and also the problems of the families entrusted to his pastoral care” (#52).

“The community of formators operates within the wider context of the ‘formative community’, and should keep this in mind when carrying out its mission” (#139).

“The Church, in virtue of the mandate received from Christ, looks confidently at the possibilities offered by the digital world for evangelization” (#98). “The pastor will learn to leave behind his preconceived certainties, and will not think of his ministry as a series of things to be done or norms to be applied, but will make his life a ‘place’ for listening openly to God and to his brothers and sisters” (#120).


  • Fr. Alfredo Hernandez PHD., Rector, St Vincent de Paul Seminary, FL.
  • Fr. David Schatz, M.Div., Rector, St. Pius X Seminary, IA.
  • Fr. Joseph Taphorn, Rector, St. Paul Seminary, MN

Main Points:

  • Fraternal communion in the seminary and collaboration with the laity
  • Formation meetings and practical tools for writing evaluations
  • Temperance and balanced use of internet and social media

Dates:  June 26 – 30, 2023 (Sunday night through Friday afternoon)